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Hey, Los Angeles!!! Time to say farewell!!! It’s me, Goliath, the giant unicorn bun!!! Yes, you were looking at my happy, happy face for only a few weeks on the RabbitMatch website and today I went off to my forever home already!! I tell you, I’m one lucky bun. You shouldn’t have seen the mess I was when I came to the volunteers. Now I’m sparkling. The mats around my tail have been clipped and my nails trimmed.My new, forever family just can’t get over my ears, one straight up, the antenna ear and the other, a lop. And I may have been a golden retriever in a former life because I L-O-V-E people large and small. I bring tons of happiness with my bunny kisses and at the moment, um, also those bunny behaviors Polaris explained to you. So farewell, farewell, my RabbitMatch comrades, the volunteers and website visitors!! And by the way, Baryshnikov is quite the personable bun too. A good dude-bun for you!! Toodles!! Goliath.


Hello Los Angeles! The twins, Skye and Zanzibar, checking in to bid a fond farewell to our fans!!! Yes, our appeal for a second wave of adopters was successful and we’re both in our respective new forever homes!!! However, it was close once again!! Zanzi’s family lost her carrier. Fortunately she was not in it. Skye’s mom locked her keys in the trunk, had no time to shop for her list of essentials and almost missed RabbitMatch hours!! So as we throw out a thousand bunny kisses to all we’d like to add: pullleeezzze, Los Angeles, be careful out there!! Obey all traffic laws!! Remember, most accidents happen at home. Don’t leave a puddle on the floor as you wash the greens!!! Though we’re sure we were the creme de la creme (!!!!), more fabulous buns are longing to rendezvous with you at RabbitMatch. Please don’t overlook our pink eyed lapins. Some of the most fun loving personalities hide behind those pigment free peepers!! Love, Skye and Zanzibar.

Greetings fans and well-wishers around the world!! Spencer here!! Bet you were wondering why I disappeared from the RabbitMatch website. It is time to say farewell to my comrades and the volunteers. I have found my perfect home!!My new forever family is planning to move so I can have my own room instead of home base in the bathroom!! Mom has already signed up with the “organic veggies in season” home delivery service so I can be the nutrition counselor and good example for the family. Part time job at that. I’m also in training to be Mom’s personal assistant at the art gallery she owns. Naturally I will need to supervise everything. Can’t you just see me with a little designer backpack to hold my note pad and a pencil tucked under my silky ear?? Mom also has plans to incorporate my ever so photogenic image in some of her artwork. Now I ask you, was this home worth waiting for or what?? So my dear far away friends and well wishers, one last blast of love and bunny kisses to you all!!! Spencer.

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