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Baryshnikov here, waving goodbye to all RabbitMatch friends and family.

So the guys and I were hearing about a bunnygirl coming in on Saturday, with bunny marriage in mind. I looked at Mom and yawned. “Yeh sure”, I thought, “Another neurotic lopgirl with pedicure and orthodontia issues who speaks like a Valley Bungirl!!” Then too, the Corleone Brothers and von Humboldt should have been in front of the line ’cause they all have bonding experience.
She arrived and stepped out of the carrier.

My nose froze in mid-sniff. She was a gorgeous dutch girl!! Her expressive eyes framed by silky lashes looked up at me in my third floor apartment and she whispered, “Hello, handsome, I’m Crystal. Come down and play.”

Well, thank goodness Mom can read bunny vibes too. Crystal and I were in the bonding pen in a flash. I’m an an artist and a very sensitive guy, I felt my heart bursting with love. I nuzzled her ears, kissed her face. Would she reciprocate?? Mom was gently petting us as we sat side by side and yes!! Crystal turned her pretty face and gave me a tender kiss.

Thank you, RabbitMatch, and all the friends who read my updates!! But don’t forget there are my bunnyboy pals awaiting your emails to Mom.

Dasvidanye!! Your friend, Baryshnikov.

…sometimes the weight of health issues from a former life are just too heavy. We will never forget you, Olympia, our special friend. Love you. Burlington and Humboldt, your bunny buds

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