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Loooooooong-Overdue Announcement!!

Dailybunny_whatsthat“What’s that? I’m adopted?! …AND I’m the Daily Bunny official in-house bunny now?! So… overwhelming…!”
*whump!* [faints from excitement]


…Soooo, you’ve probably been wondering, Who’s the bunny behind Daily Bunny?? Well, here’s the deep, dark truth:

Before January of this year, we didn’t live with one!! (*GASP!* I know, I know…) We were just big bunny fans but we hadn’t yet been adopted… well, then there was the Fateful Post of January 7, 2008… Remember super-artsy bun Confucius?? It turns out poor Confucius was getting nervously close to having been at a city shelter in Los Angeles for “too long”… the good people at (a small group of dedicated bunny lovers who work to find matches for the bunnies in the local shelter) sent us an email after we posted his photos, and said they had been trying very, very hard to find him a person, but were running out of time.

Well, we called our LA friends but no one could take him… and one of us just so happened to be travelling to LA for a conference in a couple weeks, sooo… you can guess what happened! :)

Thanks to the folks at RabbitMatch, a couple weeks later, Confucius was soon on a plane to Boston and to his new home!

This is him enjoying his nightly salad (and making a mess) :)

So… that’s the happy ending/beginning!! Confucius has really settled in over the past few months, and is having quite a good time taking over the house! Nothing is quite as fun as watching him do crazy jumps!! (he is reaching new heights by the day… we’ll have to take video ;) ) Living with a bunny is every bit as fun as we expected :) and we’ll post more pictures soon!! (You’ll have to excuse the procrastination on his post… sorry bout that, Confucius!! We’re just slow :P )

And a very, very special thanks to Alinda, Lisa, Becky, Inge, and Dina of RabbitMatch (, for looking out for Confucius for so long! Bunny snuggles to all of you! :)

…p.s. And yes, someday soon we’ll fix our “About” page to have a little more about us Daily Bunny people, as well. ;)


Dear RabbitMatch friends, so I was gearing up to become a professional woman. I went with Mom to do educational presentations. Was I scared?? Nah!! Any rabbit who survives an encounter with an eighteen wheeler has to have lucky stars!! I was mulling over the possibility of getting my certificate as a therapy rabbit and suddenly LOVE came my way!! Go figure! So I’m off to spend my fluffy life with Zoila, a Handsome Dude just for me! Love, Dandelion


Dear RabbitMatch friends, so Mom always wanted Vivaldi and me to find Sicilian bunnygirls. Bunnita…..Yes, I’m sure of it!! We are a stunning couple. She has eyeshadow and ears that reflect a delightful shade of my agouti coat!! We are deeply in love. Rabbit Rescue’s Bunny Bonding Boot Camp is wonderful! What a honeymoon!

But Vivaldi is still available and he was supposed to be the most handsome brother!! Anyway, if you have a bunnygirl looking for the perfect mate, send him an email. Meanwhile, my Bunnita and I are going out to the kitchen for greens. Ciao!! Clementi.


Dear RabbitMatch friends. I’ve been so busy, didn’t have a chance to drop you a line. I’ve eloped!! Yes!! I am now the husbun of a gorgeous champagne colored girl, Minivan!! It was love at first sight but once we moved in with her human a few adjustments had to be made. Man, beauties can be so persnickety!! We needed a short course of marriage counseling right off the bat (at Rabbit Rescue’s Bunny Bonding Boot Camp) but now we are bonded forever!! Thank you for your good thoughts as I morphed from a tiny, injured baby rabbit into my irresistibly handsome bun self. Love to all, Polaris

Polie + Minivan

Rustina and Rusty here!! We were beginning to think it would never happen but then, almost two years after being rescued, our forever home is here. I told you we’re an irresistible pair didn’t I?? Well, I think of it as Rusty’s birthday of sorts on May 30th. Two years ago he was pulled from a backyard where an unfeeling human had released a pair of rabbits to be “free”.

Babies from several litters were confiscated and brought in. Rusty was a skinny, quiet little guy. Still is quiet. You know my story. I was almost eaten alive by ants in a tiny dirty cage outdoors . Had to learn to stand up for myself early.

Rusty and I were head over bunnytails in love as soon as we met in the x-pen. Now we live in a palatial home with a young lady who volunteers with PetSave Foundation. We have our own room and toys galore. We’re so pleased and thankful. The best “birthday” present a pair of deserving buns ever had. Love and bunny kisses from Rustina and Rusty too.

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