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Hello there!! Theo Van Gogh here, waving bunny farewells!!

You know, I was just getting myself organized, planning how to make my RabbitMatch condo FABULOUS!! Was eyeing Mom’s fancy i-phone and scheming to put out some calls to interior decorators when…Katherine and Bo walked in, fell in love with me on the spot and took care of the paperwork.

I’ll be moving to Westwood momentarily and plan to re-decorate there!! Bunny kisses, Theo.


It’s us!  Vera and Vladimir!  We just found our forever home and are SO happy!!!

Our new humans are really lucky too.  We’re cute and cuddly…both of us!  I’m Vera, the gorgeous big unicorn lop grrrrrrl and Vladimir is my little sweetie husbun.  We snuggle 99% of our days away…

Thank you for adopting us!

I, Amethyst, Crown Jewel of Cuteness, High Priestess of Disapproving Rabbits, have an important announcement to make!!

Queen of the Universe!

I, all 3 lbs of me, have been adopted!!  Yes!! And I’m now an expatriate, having flown away 1st class, on WestJet.  I’m about to become a Canadian citizen too!  Mom has been training me to say, “eh??” and “aboooot”.  I think phrases such as “good on ye lads”  are next.

Anyone for cross-country skiing??  I think I personally will stick to snowshoes!!  Two bunnies and a large lovely home are awaiting  me as soon as we land. Mom plans to switch me to yummy low cal orchard grass because I’ve become something of a pear shaped dwarf.  Oh, dear, let’s keep that a secret, OK??

But that’s all behind me now!!  I’ll miss all the RabbitMatch moms  but they kissed me good-bye with tears of joy!!  Farewell Los Angeles!!  Do look at the RabbitMatch website at all the bunnies still looking for a forever home!!  Love to all, Amethyst.


So it’s a guy thing.
Glenn and the missus adopted me but she has some allergies going so
it’s just Glenn and me in the spacious office. Glenn was amazed at my
excellent litterbox habits. Well, didn’t the RabbitMatch volunteers
tell you?? I’m munching on my Bunny Basics T and home grown greens.
What a life!! Bunny kisses to all my pals waiting for their forever
home. Please go visit and adopt one or two of the world’s best buns
soon, OK?? Love Humboldt.

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