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Hullo Los Angeles, Zeta here with bunny kisses to all.  Yes!!  I’ve been adopted.  I’m moving to a posh condo in MDR and my new mom is an artist. Imagine!!  She thought she wanted a dwarf bunnygirl  but when she saw bounteous curvaceous me and felt my soft soft fur she couldn’t help but fall in love with my Rubenesque physique.

Yes, I plan to be her Muse, I have such interesting contours and stunning coat pattern.  I am so happy to have a forever home even though mom has plans to cut me back to 1 tbsp timothy hay-based pellets twice a day.  (I bow to my beauty regimen.)

I want all of you who missed out though, to have a look at the RabbitMatch and LA Rabbit Foundation websites.  There are SO many beautiful spot-x girls, (though none as soft as me!!) looking to hop into your heart.

BunnyWhiskerTickles, Zeta Centauri.

zuckerman[official White House Directory photo}

Hello All, Zuckerman here, waving a fond farewell to my RabbitMatch friends.   Remember Bailey and Jones??  Well, they turned up again, still in high finance.  Somehow they’re in on that $700 bil bailout and they cut me in too!!  Yes!!  I have my own home once again and a lovely personal assistant named Rachel.  She thinks she’s my mom though so let’s keep her happy and leave it at that.  It is embarassing though, when I’m in a business meeting with Paulson to have her call me her Idzy Bidzy Fuzzy Baby Panda.  Oops!!  That’s my iphone!!  Conference call!! It’s Bernecke and Greenspan!!  Gotta hop!!  Love to all, Zukkie.

Greetings All.   Krugman here!! Just had to share my good fortune and blow a few bunny kisses your way. Yes, I have been adopted!!  Mom is a student majoring in urban planning!! President-elect Obama has inspired me!!  No more shady financial dealings!!  Heck with the $700 bil plus the $250 bil plus who knows??  Mom and I will take our places shoulder to shoulder…. er…. hhhmm… more like whiskers to ankle and move forward to create a sustainable environment for us all!!!

What do you  mean, “You’re just a rabbit??”  Haven’t you noticed the disastrous mess created by humans supposedly experts in their field??  Stay tuned for startling breakthroughs in urban planning and you’ll know I helped!!  Industriously yours, Kruggie.

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