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coniNeeded: Rabbit-Friendly Manicurist

from The Daily Bunny…

stanislaus-3So mom is about to do February writeups for all the RabbitMatch kids.  I was making a short list of my exceptional qualities that mom didn’t mention the first time like my extra soft genes.  BUT no need to look around for her password now….I was adopted today!!!  Yes, I’m off to a forever home with two lovely humans who believe a home should be furnished with rabbit, not people  furniture!!  Bunny ear rubs to all, gotta hop!!  Love,  Stan aka Stanislaus.


So there, Birgitta!!  So you eloped, well I don’t care!!!  I too have moved on to a furever home, minutes after you left.  I have my own mom now and wonderful well behaved visitors galore who knowing my royal heritage and absolutely adore me.  Your golden bun, Ulrikk.


What a tumultuous day, yesterday 1/15/09…..I’ve thrown my pretensions to queendom to the winds, abandoned my Prince Consort and eloped with a handsome American lad!!  His name is Mr. Bun-Bun esq. a to-die-for agouti boy and  I’ve gone to the best home ever!

Can you imagine!!!!  Mr. Bun-Bun’s humans found him on the street as an abandoned baby.  He looked like a lop!!   His liddle ears were drooping from the EARMITE  load eeeeyyyucckoooo……Did they turn and look away and hurry on??  NNnnnnooooo!!!  They rushed  him to the creme-de-la-creme vets, same as RabbitMatch’s  benefactors and they put Mr. B. right!!

Now we’re a loving couple.  Someone please visit RabbitMatch though,  and assure  Prince Ulrikk that Charles survived having Diana leave him and Ullrie will find another love soon!!  A bonk from the Royal Scepter, Birgitta, now known as Mitzi!!   yyyaayyyy!!!!

Wedding pictures coming!

Question from Martinelli’s human, Christine:


…when I come home from work Marty runs to the corner of the bathroom and when I crouch down and start reaching out to pet him, he honks. It’s such a weird noise.

And he also kind of darts out at me. Which I know is weird for a rabbit! He should be trying to run away! But he honks and then darts into my hand(butts it with his head), and then goes back to the corner. He does this a few times before calming down.

Does this mean anything or is he just one weird rabbit? :)

Answer from RabbitMatch:

Hahahahaaaaa!  What a little guy!  He’s still getting used to new surroundings.  His honking and ‘lunging’ (it’s called) is acting big with no real threat.  He’s letting you know he’s ‘bigger’ than he appears. Reaching for him may be too scary for him still.  You might want to sit near him and let him come to you for awhile.  They are insatiably curious. 

Also they are instinctually cautious of predator eyes looking at them (ones pointed forward like ours).  So don’t look directly at him till he comes up to you to sniff. 

Hold your hand in a relaxed fist in front of his nose.  After awhile try to pet his forehead.  Slow motions help too.

Everything they do is designed to keep them alive in the wild.  It takes time. Don’t take it personally.  He’s still adjusting.  Give him a month.


Haha. That is too funny. I’m glad it’s normal. If I sit on the floor for a while, he eventually comes up to me and puts his front paws in my lap like, “Hey..uh..sorry about that…keep forgetting who you are..treat now?”

I think I’m still adjusting to a pet that isn’t a dog! Sometimes I curl my hand close to his nose for him to smell before petting him(that’s a dog thing..) and I thought eye contact was good(another dog thing..)

So, thanks for all the help! For Christmas Marty’s getting a new name-I hope martinelli-1that’s okay! Pippin (pip for short) because his Mom is a big Lord of the Rings nerd. But you can call him Martinelli still, he’s keeping it as a middle name in honor of all his friends at Rabbit Match.

Happy Holidays and thanks again!! I’m doing my best to give the little guy a good home.

Dad with Pretty…


Kasey with the handsome Mr. Bun…


Check out the Diva and Husbun in their swimming pool sized hay field!


Note too our link under Sites We Like on the Daily Bunny homepage.  Yippee!

We love you Kate and Jay!  (They adopted our Super Bun, Confucius, and they all live happily ever after somewhere where it’s Very Cold  now!)

lucinda-home-1She is great!!  I love her, and the two of us have been bonding quite well – she always runs to greet me when I wake up or come home from being out, and we love chillin together.

She cracks me up though…  let no baby gate stand in her way!  She has figured out all different sorts of ways to escape from the kitchen and get extra run time in – the litterbox thing is going quite well, but not quite well enough to let her have the whole house alllll day quite yet, because she sometimes finds brand new spots she likes to make her own, and always when I least expect it…  but we are allllmost there!  Anyway, things are going great, she keeps me exceedingly entertained, and I just adore her!!!! J But I am now just beginning to see exactly what you meant by her having an IQ of 150… she has got me figured out, and has been keeping me on her toes with her games of kitchen escape.

lucinda-home-2Anyway, thanks for the email!  How are things going with all the other bunnies?  I saw that Diana found a home, that’s great!  She’s a beauty!

Here are a few pictures I took about a week ago, haven’t been able to take some goofy incriminating ones of her getting herself into trouble yet, but when I do, I will send them to you!  :-P


Hi! It’s Diana!!  I’m off to my forever home today!!  You know, thanks to Michelle from the Rabbit Foundation, I’ve had some experience with greeting potential adopters in the x-pen.  I know how to sit quietly while humans ooh and ahh over my bumble bee colors.  Then ever so slowly I move over to them, look them in the eye and perhaps touch them with my white forepaw.  I was just the girl my new mom was looking for.  I felt it in her body language so I just had to binky from the sheer joy of it!! So farewell all, and you humans, don’t forget to visit my friends who still need a home, especially Bodicea, Denver and Petrosian. Fondly, Diana.


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