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Update from Erika at Brambley Hedge

These are the other bundles of joy from SF.

Subject: Pictures of Maggie and her Babies

I visited Maggie and her 4 babies at Mary Clair’s place last evening. We had lost 2 out of the 6 babies but the remaining 4 have thrived and are very happy and healthy.  All the eyes are open and Mary reports they are all very friendly and social.  Maggie too has become very comfortable in her foster home and will beg for carrots from them.  Mary has said they love fostering the babies and would do it again in a second. Attached are a couple of pictures.  Steve


“Way Huger” than the other crew!  Wow!



So I’ve departed  RabbitMatch for my forever home too.   That was a hectic day!!  It was my neuter surgery and relocation all in a few hours.  My little head was spinning.  My new mom is ever so nurturing.  I love my new home.

I’m now called Gouda!!  Do NOT ask  me to pass the crackers!!  I’ll have you know, Gouda was the most wise and powerful of the striped rabbit philosopher kings of Southeast Asia.  Saved his warren from humans many times.  Had his rabbit subjects escape humans by following the trail of Gouda’s marbles.  Mom didn’t know this when she named me.

Oh well, I make up for it by being extra cuddly and kissy.  Anyway, my very presence is therapeutic.  Serial binkies to you!!  And don’t forget, Eastwood looks a lot like me and he’s still at RabbitMatch.  Love, Gouda.

Erika Royal at Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue in Phoenix, AZ.

You rock!

This is a bunny Erika accepted along with 4 others from a Northern California rescue that had taken in 80 from a hoarding situation.  Blanche (and one other bun) had babies as soon as they arrived.  Instead of 5 bunnies, Erika and her crew now have 18…


Good lookin’ little furballs, aren’t they?!

If you can send a contribution their way, the bunnies here at Rabbit Match will do binkies in your name.


“I’m a winner at the top of my game, tra-laaaa!!!”  Petrosian here.  I’ve packed up my chess set and clock and I’m heading for my furever home!!  I’m a big time winner!!   Yes, yes, all those chess trophies were all  well and good but guess what??  I’ve won the heart of the fairest bunny maid of all time.  Her name is Olive.  Say it with me, “O-l-i-v-e”.  She is a rex girl, so soft and velvety.  I’m twice her size but she says there could never be enough of me to love…….  Wow!!  She’s even excited about going to tournaments with me. I’m such a lucky guy….Blissfully yours, Petrosian, aka Mr. Rosie, aka  “the winner of the “Mr. Personality 2008″ award.”

It’s Monteverdi checking out of Hotel RabbitMatch!!!  So I was snoozing comfortably behind the piano-forte after some strenuous tooth strengthening exercises……yes!!!  That’s what they are!!!    Prove me wrong!!! Suddenly I heard one of the moms calling me,  something about a guy named Frank here to see me……..
So after  Frank and I  said ,”Duuuuuuude!!!”  to each other a few times, it was obvious that we were meant to be buds for life and…… I’m off to uuuummmmmm, help Frank with his piano.  Actually, Frank has invested a small fortune in interesting chomping materials for me so I’ll probably just lounge a little.  Anyway, his  piano is metal and plastic and hhmmm a few wires???  No, no!!  All will be bunnyproofed!!  With crescendo, your  Monteverdi.



from Daily Bunny…subscribe!

spay and neuter rabbits?

  • Altered
    rabbits are healthier and live longer than unaltered rabbits.

    The risk of reproductive cancers (ovarian, uterine, mammarian) for
    an unspayed female rabbit stands at is virtually eliminated by
    spaying your female rabbit. Your neutered male rabbit will live
    longer as well, given that he won’t be tempted to fight with other
    animals (rabbits, cats, etc.) due to his sexual aggression.

  • Altered
    rabbits make better companions.
    They are calmer, more loving,
    and dependable once the undeniable urge to mate has been removed. In
    addition, rabbits are less prone to destructive (chewing, digging)
    and aggressive (biting, lunging, circling, growling) behavior after

  • Avoidance
    of obnoxious behavior.
    Unneutered male rabbits spray, and both
    males and females are much easier to litter train, and much more
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  • Altered
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    Over 15 million adorable dogs, cats, and rabbits are
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    streets to fend for themselves, where they suffer from starvation,
    sickness, and are easy prey to other animals or traffic accidents.
    Those rabbits who are sold to pet stores don’t necessarily fare any
    better, as pet stores sell pets to anyone with the money to
    buy, and don’t check on what kind of home they will go to. Many of
    these rabbits will be sold as snake food, or as a pet for a small
    child who will soon “outgrow” the rabbit.

  • Altered
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    Rabbits are
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    no experience with rabbits to spay or neuter your rabbit.

geiger-3Well, the fourth quintuplet, myself, was adopted today 1/31/09!! I am no longer Geiger but my name is now the incredibly powerful Roger Rabbit!! I have a wonderful family with a well behaved young man, the son, my new soulmate, and a feline buddy who isn’t all that thrilled at the moment because cat and rabbit good manners are somewhat different but we will be the best of buds soon!! I have the run of the house, miles of binky space, well anyway, seems like miles…… Best Wishes and Good Luck to all my RabbitMatch comrades, Geiger, aka Roger.

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