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7 Ways Rabbits are Environmentally-Friendly

There are many benefits to owning a pet rabbit: they’re utterly adorable, they’re funny, they’re quiet, they’re clean… I could go on and on.

But one thing many people may not realize is that rabbits are ecologically-friendly pets. Here are seven ways that pet rabbits help contribute to a healthy environment.

1. You can grow a lot of their food yourself in a backyard garden. Rabbits eat an assortment of greens such as romaine and other dark leaf lettuce, collard greens, kale, parsley, and cilantro, which you can grow in your own home garden vegetable patch. They also love dandelion greens and flowers, so you can kill two birds with one stone and feed your bunnies your unwanted weeds. Growing your rabbit’s food yourself helps the environment by cutting down on energy consumption and waste production caused by manufacturing, packaging, storing and shipping commercial food.

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Imogene 2

Hi there!! Imogen checking in. I was the first bun dropped off at RabbitMatch, May ’09. There is nothing like a perky little redhead to liven things up, I always say!!! I am just a sweet little girl, birthdate 1/1/09 . I weigh 4 lbs and someday I’ll be a handsome red spot bunnywoman. But for now….bbbooiinnngggg…I’m leaping into YOUR arms!! What!!! You’re not HERE yet??? Oooopppsss!!! Well, mom will just have to hang on to me until then!! Tata!! Efervescently yours, Imogen.

I’m already spayed and litterbox trained too.

For us to meet fill out the application at and one of my humans will contact you very soon.

Corelli Simba & Nala 2

Macho boy and his new chick.

You are missed.

Corelli Simba & Nala

From Simba Corelli’s new mom human:

Thank you!
I’m excited and glad to have given him a new home!
I’m glad to have his shelter pics and write up.

We’re home now.
They’ve been free-roaming since around 4pm.
They sleep, hop in and out of the cage, and chase each other.
There hasn’t been any big problems.
I’m making sure the fur doesn’t fly.

They seem to be fine sleeping near each other.
Not cuddling yet, but I’m sure it’ll be in due time.

Here’s two shots of them there.

Ailin 3

Hi all you wonderful bunny slaves!

More great news this weekend! Our shy boy, Ailin, charmed a young woman, AnneMelanie, and her boyfriend, Tony, today. They carefully considered adopting and left saying that they’d talk more and come back next week. At 4pm they called and asked if they had time to come get him… ha! Ailin cast his spell on them, I’m sure. So Nancy H ran like heck and Mike helped and Ailin had new parents at 5 minutes to 5. : )

Life is so very very good.

This makes it all worth it.

Love you guys.

Rhapsodie 2

Our girl [Rhapsodie] went to a Long Beach penthouse to be bunnywife to Maserati, who just lost his companion last week.

We owe a big thanks to Michelle Kelly at LA Rabbit Foundation. She has steered countless adopters to us. If you ever have a chance to go to Centinela Feed on a Saturday, be sure to give her a hug. er, noserub. er, you get the idea…

Great news! I spent about 4 hours last night (!!!) online on Twitter and Facebook looking for connections…then I thought, ya know, if we don’t ask for money, we won’t get any…so then I created this and put it up on our blog, fb and twtr…

[see blog entry below…]

This morning we had an email from Kasey who adopted Leona (now Pretty) for her boy bun, Boo. She and her new hubby, Frank, decided to donate to RabbitMatch instead of doing wedding favors. $500!!!!!! Yes, TWO ZEROS!!! Yay!!!

That’ll pay for 2 1/2 bondings or 16.67 bales of hay or medications for our wounded who come in or mountains of veggies or the last $100 needed to get our 501c3 number, etc. etc. etc… Yay!!!

I attached a pic of Pretty and Frank and Kasey with Boo. Send good vibes!

We also got a $5 donation from a bunny human in Dallas, Donna.

And Leila Fusfeld (her Facebook Cause: Rescue Domestic Rabbits) is sending something too…

What great people are out there… we’re so lucky.

Have a hoppy hoppy weekend!!

We’re some of the kids at Rabbit Match who need your help.

Eiger 2Menander 3Sedona 3
Eiger, Menander & Sedona


Thank you from all us buns at Rabbit Match!

We’re a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. All contributions are tax deductible.

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