Thanks so much for bringing us this fluffy bundle of joy! He’s been doing very well here his first week. He’s already made friends with our cats. One has particularly fallen in love with him and they play and cuddle all day long! So sweet! They run around the house and hide under the dining room table and hang out in Belvedere’s house. Muffers is even trying to eat the hay and veggies he sees his buddy eating. I’m afraid my cat might become a vegetarian!


Belvedere is also the biggest cuddle bunny I’ve ever seen. When we’re sitting on the couch he just jumps right up and settles in to one of our laps for cuddles and pets. He even grooms us back sometimes to show his appreciation.

I attached a couple of pictures of Belvedere with his new buddy Muffers and me. Hope you like them!

Thanks again! Emma

–>  Yay, Emma! We love our adopters! <–