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Well, I'm bunsitting one of our bunnies who was with us LOooonong ago…Jeremy, a blue eyed 2 lb dwarf boy.  He looks like his bum got dipped in an ink pot.  My upstairs neighbors adopted him about 2 years ago.  They're heading for vaca for 5 days so I get to snuggle…

Don't be too jealous.  ; )




After bringin Krugie home, him and Diana were re-enacting “War of the Roses” movie. :( They were sent to a rabbit bonder for much needed marriage counseling. I had very low hopes of them patching things up.

UPDATE: They are home and having their honeymoon for the first time, Thank God! Natalie, the rabbit bonder, is our angel! The first time I saw them laying side by side I was the happiest mother in the world. I think I even teared up alittle. FYI: Krugie’s new name is Thumper and Diana’s new name is Muffin Bun. I will put up pics of them real soon. They make me fuzzy and warm inside everytime I see their adorable little faces. THANK U RABBIT MATCH FOR MY LATEST ADDITION TO MY FAMILY. I can’t imagine my life without them.

NATALIA, West Hollywood publishes new photos taken in Iran in recent days.

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A little update about Mr. Kurosawa, he is adapting pretty good to his new home! The children in the classroom had been nothing but super caring, loving and extra careful. So far, he still in the exploratory stage, his door cage is open all the time and he had come out to explore within 3 feet around his cage and then hops back in. (soon I will send photos). Our group of children is working on a ballot to find a first name for him. They had come up with great names like “cutie” “snowflake” even “Alexander” and of course “Peter”. We will let you know his official first name soon! He seems to be happy and continues to have good appetite (which is a great sign of a happy bunny).

Thank you for the links to better care for bunnies and I was even able to check out beginning rabbit care video from my local library.

We will keep in touch!


Okay, i just HAD to post this…

Check out this website I found at

Great perspective on what REALLY happens when you adopt…

This is posted especially for Angie. : )

Check out this website I found at

Check out this website I found at

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