Do I look a little unkempt???  The RabbitMatch mom had to bribe me with cilantro to get me to pose.  This is embarrassing.  An application  of Revolution  is not compatible with a well groomed appearance in a rabbit.   I was apprehended  as an abandoned pet.   People brought me to RabbitMatch ,  in a large, expensive cage.  They had been  all ga-ga about me when they  first  found me but they had bought the "rabbits as low maintenance animals"  myth too.  They  quickly  told me I   just wasn't working out   (sniff!!!)  and I'd have to go.

Meanwhile, no one had bothered to notice that I was harboring little vermin in my baby pink ears.  Well, RabbitMatch moms have fixed me up and promised me new photos soon.  This is LA after all!!!   One never knows when that agent might notice one !!!!!   I'm certainly deserving of being in pictures.

Today is 10/16/09.  I weighed 3 lbs 4 oz.  I am a standard chinchilla-x boy.   Notice my adorable chubby cheeks even with  the frizzled  fur.    My birthdate is 5/1/09.  I'm calling myself Snowden.    More later!!!   With a crisp  salute,  Your Snowden.
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