Carmaine and I are enjoying Leibnitz’s company;  we started calling him Momo; which means “peach” in Japanese.  He’s fuzzy like the fruit, and seems to respond to it nicely.  It’s been less than a week, so he’s still getting comfy with his surroundings.  I’m at work at the moment, but I’ll be emailing you pictures sometime this week. =) He has free run of the kitchen when we’re not home, and then the rest of the apartment when we are so he has lots of space to run and play. It’ll take a bit of patience, but I’m hoping he’ll stop leaving me “presents” everywhere and trying to get him to use his litter box.  Any extra advice on this?  I know it’s only been a while so I’m sure he’s still adjustin….

I’m getting a little jealous since he tends to follow my boyfriend a bit more than me, but he’s getting bolder and starting to jump on to the couch and perch next to me while watching tv.  I should be able to take him to the vet this weekend, I didn’t realize my week with him had flown by so quickly!

As promised! =)  For a bit, he was hiding under our coffee table, but for the past few days, Momo’s taken a liking to climbing on the couch and then flopping next to us. Will send more soon!