We have The Best Rabbits, Adopters and Volunteers on Planet Earth…here's why.  ; )

Greetings to everyone at Rabbit Match,

I thought you might like to know just how well Woodward is doing! On Sunday, Woodward was, understandably, quite nervous. He was somewhat leery of his surroundings, so we simply let him have some quiet time to himself. Monday was a bit better as he seemed a little less frightened and a little more trusting, yet he still wasn't interested in coming out of his enclosure. By Tuesday afternoon, Woodward was a whole different rabbit!! He finally decided to come out of his enclosure and check out the rest of his new home. He was oh so curious about everything, and after sniffing every nook and cranny, he kicked up his heels and sprinted through the house! We were overwhelmingly relieved that he seemed to approve! Since then, Woody has had a lot of free play, and when he's ready to go back to his pen, he simply hops in and plops down in his bed. He is also doing very well with his litter box, and he heads right to it when he needs to go potty. I'm impressed!

Truly, we are thrilled with Woodward! He has already given us lots of laughs and lots of bunny love (if I lie down on the floor, he comes over and lies right next to me or face to face with me when he wants petting!) We look forward to getting to know him even more, and to having years of enjoyment with him!

Thank you to everyone at Rabbit Match for all that you do for these curious creatures! And, a special thank you to Nancy for your time, your patience, and your words of wisdom last Sunday. Your extensive knowledge of bunnies has helped us immensely!

I have attached a couple new pictures of Woodward below.

All my best,