Dear Mr. Krause,

As a rabbit rescue in Los Angeles, we know First Hand what buying rabbits as 'toys' brings.  Starving, filthy, urine scalded, ear/fur mites, boney, lifeless eyes, etc etc.  Please Please don't advertise for business this way.  Below is an example of uneducated people buying rabbits as toys.

Fritz's left foot was swollen and painful from having been tethered in someone's back yard.  (link to the full story available upon request)

We hope in the future (and after this awful ad is pulled) you will work with House Rabbit Society to create win-win ads that have people adopt from a rescue where screening and education can take place beforehand.

SuperPet is doing a DISSERVICE to the animals that we are know you care for.  Please reconsider this ad campaign right away.

Thank you.

Alinda Lord

Link to HRS open letter: