Please forward and crosspost this.  I'm getting off the computer and making my call now.

One of our good pals in the animal rescue world contacted us today.  Jennifer visited her local coffee shop this morning…

…and found "cowhide and rabbit pelts hanging from the wall" as "art".

All of us rabbit and animal loving peeps please contact this place to politely educate them about…this…i can't even figure how to put it…hanging skins on the wall is grossly unappetizing to LOTS of humans out there.  IOW: Get. A. Clue.

Kaldi Coffee & Tea
3147 Glendale Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90039

no website or email

If calling/writing doesn't work there are pages and pages of online reviews in a Google search.  bad reviews are next.  Who wants to drink or eat with dead animals on the wall?

From her facebook page: Jennifer is EXTREMELY disappointed in her (once) favorite neighborhood coffee shop (Kaldi Coffee & Tea/Atwater Village 323-660-6005). I walked in this AM to get a 'cup of joe' to find their latest 'artistic' display consisting of cow hide and rabbit pelts/hide hanging from the wall. They've definitely lost a customer in me. What a disgrace. I told them I would that I would no longer be returning and that I was offended and the guy behind the counter rebutted, "It's someone's art, man." When did skinning a rabbit become art?! Argh!!

Already one bad review on

Art Display a total buzzkill.
By XXX from silverlake, December 18, 2009

Kaldi has an "art" display featured prominently in the otherwise cute cafe made of pelts of rabbits. It's bad enough that department stores still sell, and people buy furs, but in an atmosphere such as this – a non-pretentious, local coffee place, it is surprising that cruelty to animals can be considered art and that the staff would allow it to be shown. I'd thought that this place appealed to the more progressively minded, but personally won't be viewing dead animal fur with my morning coffee any time soon.