Ya know, people don't get any kinder than this…Shoji brought toys, treats and veggies for our adoptable bunderkids.  We love you, Shoji.  Thanks.  : )

Shoji sent you a message.

Subject: hey hey

i forgot to tell lulu about certain things so here it is. (if you can pass it on to other volunteers, thatll be great)
so i brought some veggies but i realized they are a bit sandy and some have clumps of mud (especially the cilantros) so i advise you wash it well and maybe soak it in water so theyll freshen up!
also, i brought some cut strawberries that should be given soon. sooner the better because they go bad pretty fast. i asked lulu to put them in the fridge so thats where it "should" be! :) also, the grape vines are not completely dry so make sure you put it in a well ventilated area or maybe outside to let it dry more…
i think thats it… if i remember something, ill PM you again.
it was a pleasure seeing your lovely and beautiful bunnies! they all look soooo happy! :D
take care and i hope to see ya soon!

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