The Ohio House Rabbit Rescue (OHRR) will acquire and renovate a site to house up to 100 abandoned pet rabbits and sponsor a comprehensive adoption program. A planning team has been working on details such as searching the country for the healthiest types of facilities for rabbits and holding small fundraisers to get the project started. OHRR has a volunteer director and assistant director ready to immediately implement and complete the project.


* Search for potential sites – completed

* Research cost effective, but healthy living areas for the rabbits – completed

* Connect with building materials companies about donating supplies – completed

* Acquire a facility to convert into the rescue facility

* Complete a specific renovation plan for the site

* Acquire donated building materials and volunteer labor

* Renovate the site

* Open the facility and advertise the rescue and adoption program

* On-going fundraising by OHRR will maintain the facility and staff and expand programs