Anyone out there have room and a big heart?  We'll help get a rolling cart for the little one to get around with…

I'll forward her email to you if you can take this kiddo in…

I work at [a] dog and cat hospital. On Friday a man ran inside the building, left a box in the front lobby, and ran back out. He had abandoned his rabbit inside the box. We do not treat rabbits, only dogs and cats. The rabbit is still at the clinic because we are hoping we may be able to find someone to rescue him or her.
The rabbit's sex is unknown and so is the age. A picture is attached. The rabbit is very friendly, eats well, defecates and urinates well. So far the rabbit appears fine. There is one problem though. The rabbit drags his/her hind quarters. The doctor palpated the area and did not find any fractures. The doctor also pinched the rabbit on his/her hind quarters but there was no response. Since there was no response the doctor believes the bunny may be paralyzed. The rabbit does not seem to be in any pain. I am hoping someone can rescue him or her.
Please contact me if you can help. If not please crosspost. If he/she is not rescued then he/she will be taken to the local shelter or euthanized.
Thank you,