so anyway, yes, another new face at RabbitMatch South Bay, same old story.  Deacon Binkenhops here!!!   I was so cute at the pet shop but I started to get less cute by the day as I had to be fed and cleaned, especially since my home was the size of a shoebox.  Being thrown out on the street was terrifying but lucky for me I landed here!!!  I'm a dwarf hotot-x, weigh 4.5 lbs, b.d. Sept. 1, 2009.  The volunteers here had to rub me down with damp towels to get some of the schmutz off!!!  I told the mom to get just the right angles in my glamour shots so the yellow and orange wouldn't be so noticeable!!!   A bunboy  has to maintain high standards!!!   There are so many of us out there hoping to encounter kind, loving and responsible humans!!!! 

So this is me.  White bun with adorable black/brown facial markngs.  Great personality of course and getting better all the time thanks to the RabbitMatch volunteers.   Nothing like toys and plenty of run time.  Not to mention ankle kisses and lengthy cuddles.   meeting with me is just a keystroke away!!!!  A thousand bunnykisses to you from Deacon Binkenhops!!!