Hi there!!!  It's me, Orleans, and I'm so excited about my first time at offsite adoptions  (2/12/10) I had to tell you all about it!!!  So I have a reputation with the RabbitMatch moms, you know??  I'm known as a little ruffian, just bursting with energy and passion for  the active  lifestyle.   My condo has that tornado survivor decor, you know???    The moms were afraid I'd get booted out of Centinela Feed in the first 5 minuts!!  But No Way!!!  I was in my element!!!   All my raisins were in the litterbox even though I was surrounded by new rabbits!!!    I ignored the phermones.   I was admired, petted, had laptime and demonstrated how a few rabbits love to have a chinrub!!  That's me!!!  Playdates??   Well……not this time…..

I persuaded the mom I needed a re-do of my mugshots.  At the same time we realized that I'm going into a massive shed!!  So I borrowed the mom's hat to cover the shaggy back.  The hedgehog came along  to do some camouflage.  What do you think???  The mom suspects I'm going into a growth spurt too.  I'm a dashingly handsome red dutchboy (tiny-x here please!!!) .  Your Bunny Olympics wannabe, Orleans