We’re looking for Special Loving Caring Humans to pet us, love us, pet us some more, let us out for exercise, more pets, serve us our daily veggies, give us hay and pellets, brush us, (clean our litterboxes) and Pet Us Some More!

We also need internet savvy geeks who can help us online, with emails, newsletters and social networking sites.

RabbitMatch.org is an all-volunteer nonprofit that rehomes discarded Los Angeles rabbits. While they are with us they are spayed/neutered, receive medical attention and are Very Loved.

Rabbits are quiet, litterbox trained, 99% non-allergic and have no animal smell. They’re great housemates, vegetarians and a green way to care for homeless animals and save the environment too.

Curious about house rabbits? Talk to us!

(a 501c3 nonprofit project of SaveOurPlanet.org)
PO Box 642839
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Email: RabbitMatch (at) gmail.com
Website: www.RabbitMatch.org
Blog: www.RabbitMatch.posterous.com
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