Rrrrrrrhonda R. Rhododendron is a precious bunny who once upon a time, before she found her forever home, literally chased me out of her cage at the shelter where she had been brought.  She is one of a kind.  ; )

Now Rhonda has a bladder sludge problem…here's the scoop.

Two serious bouts of bladder sludge 1 year apart in a 5 y.o.SF   NZW-X rabbit , Rhonda Rabbit, who shuns her water crock..   Has never been observed drinking.  Sipper bottle has been tried, also diluted fruit juices.  No luck. 

Victor at OVH said that she had no sludge in her bladder today.  Now the trick is to keep it that way with a rabbit who has never been observed drinking.  Can you post her story on the internets pls???? 

Wetting forehead and paws doesn't bring in sufficient water.  Anyone had a similar experience???  Hate to think of doing fluids w her daily 'til the end of our days!!!   Thanks!!  Lisa E.

Any 'think outside the box' ideas out there?  Any info site Lisa can read?