Hello, hello!!!  Name's Mouffetard but my friends call me Mouffie!!!!  Standard operating procedure is to tell my story???  Well it was Valentine's Day a few days ago, you know???  I was delivered to the house along with about 100 roses.  Don't know the whereabouts of those roses but I'm warming a denbox in a condo at RabbitMatch four days later!!   I'm a chinchilla-x boy and no, that does not mean that I'm hybridized with a rodent!!!!!  Heavens to snowshoes!!!!   Don't you know there are cinnamon rabbits, sable rabbits and palomino rabbits.  Name just refers to the coat color texture and pattern!!!  So anyway, I'm not pleased with my photo session.  Where did the mom get that ghastly red throw???  I'm not showing off my black/gray/silver colors!!!  We'll need a re-do.  If I had an agent, I'd fire her on the spot!!!!  

Sooooo, you'll just have to accept the likeness and you must admit, I'm one handsome bun.  I weigh 4.25 lbs and was born Sept. 1, 2009.  I have a bit more growing to do.  My coat is the typical chinchilla color and texture.  I'm having fun eyeballing the other rabbits here.  I'm enjoying all the smells and wow!!  the mountains of hay and greens!!!  I never imagined I'd have a 35 ft run all to myself and all those cute cardboard houses to visit and shred!!!  However, I know all this pales by comparison to living with you!!!   I'd love full time human companionship……..Wistfully yours, Mouffetard.