Yoo-hoo!!!!  It's me, Marson!!  I'm the new bun at RabbitMatch on Feb 20,'10.  Let me tell you my story.  I went the regular route of the throwaway pet shop bunny.  However, I was found by a wonderful human who scooped me up and took me to her home.  She knew all about bunnies AND she already had a rabbit companion.  Unfortunately the original dude and I were just that, rowdy boys.  Even though the human had me snipped right away and worked and worked with us, original bunnydude and I just couldn't find common ground to sign a truce so a decision was made and I had to go. My human cried when she gve me to the RabbitMatch volunteers but it's OK, really it is.  This is a neat place.  I'm next door to Mouffetard.  Love the mountain of hay the moms give me every morning.   Organic greens too!!!   Soon I'll have a furever home, maybe with a bunnygirl.

I'm a handsome lad, coat is a gorgeous smooth blue grey color.  I do have an errant ancestor somewhere because I'm supposed to have blue eyes but they're a carmel color instead!!!  I weigh 4.5 lbs.  I was born 9/1/09 so I'll grow a teeny bit more.  Do make my furever home dream come true soon, OK??  I'm a really great rabbit!!!!   Bunnywhiskertickle to you, lovingly, Marson.