Hello Los Angeles!!!!  An important message from ME, McPlush,  all 3 lbs of me!!!!  It is March 1,'10.   Good news and bad news.  First of all, the mom assembled a team of veterinarians to evaluate surgery on my badly scarred ear.   Board certified, top anesthesiologist, the best……. I felt like a head of state!!!!!  Anyway, after  an exhausting examination, my team concluded that having my ear surgically corrected would be  fraught with dangers.  First of all, I would need extensive CAT scans, ultrasound and other tests$$$$.  Then,  during this kind of surgery there is the threat of extensive bleeding.   Sometimes there is permanent damage to the facial nerve (VII).  I think I'd rather have a bum ear than have one side of my face droop.  Don't you  agree????

So right now I'm on a long course of Baytril as a preventive measure.  Sure feels good to be itch free.   My ear canal isn't shedding much debris either!!!!!

So I continue to be the cutest, friendliest, most cuddly and kissy bunnyboy in Los Angeles. Mom says I'm still available  for adoption but YOU have to be medically sophisticated and willing to pay close and ongoing attention to my health.  Right now I do wish the mom had lots more time to spend with me.  I'm having fun though.  I get to do play dates with  the ravishing  Rhonda Rabbit but she weighs 8 lbs and swears she'll never fall in love with a shorter dude.   I keep on trying  when she is in my room.  In her room it is iffy…….and I'm afraid I might get squashed!!!!!!!      Anyway, I'm available for bonding.  Right now I'm really tired and ready for my nappiezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz(snort)zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………..