Oh Hi there!!!!  I'm Lyubochka ('darling' in Rrrrrrrussian).  Just dropped off at RabbitMatch (SB).  I know  you've heard the "landlord said no pets" story.  Well, just listen to mine!!!   The lady of the house thought she could sneak ME  in without the HUSBAND noticing.  Well, there was domestic strife and now I'm here (sigh).  The old place really wasn't up to code as you'll see by the color of my feet!!!!!

I was born 12/1/09.  I'm just a baby!!!  I'm a little dutch cross gurrrrl, gray and white.  My eyes are a sparkling blue color.  Flutter, flutter. I weigh 2 lbs 1 oz and definitely plan to grow a bit.   Hope you'll stop by to visit soon, Prettily yours, Lyubochka.

PS My spay is scheduled for 3/31.  I need to gain some weight first.  Didn't get much to eat there at the end…Send bunny vibes, pleeeez.