We can all support this great rescue!  Here's how…http://www.bunnybunch.com/


Spring Photos are Happening Now at the Burrow!

Bring in your rabbits, chins or guinea pigs for a Spring photo shoot during our open hours at the Burrow.
For a $10 donation you will receive a framed photo of your choice. Starting Wednesday, March 17th  through Sunday, April 4th.

Help Us Stop the Sale of Easter Rabbits
Free Easter Education Fliers & Posters

Every year thousands of rabbits are bought as gifts for Easter.  Most of them don't even live a year!
You can help by handing out our new Easter Education fliers and posting our Easter Education posters.
They will be posted to our Facebook group soon, and you can also pick them up at the Burrow during our open hours.

Adopt a Chocolate Bunny

Our Beatrix Potter solid chocolate bunnies have arrived at the Burrow.  On the back of the box is a label telling people why not to buy real rabbits for Easter. Please help us spread the word that chocolate bunnies are for Easter, real ones are not. $5.00 donation at the Burrow.  Or, two for $12 by mail. Thank you for supporting our efforts.

Ceramic Bunny Heart Keepsake

One of our wonderful volunteers hand made some lovely ceramic bunny hearts in order to raise money for the rabbits.  For a $5.00 donation you can choose a magnet or a hanging heart, or two for $9.  Each heart comes with a photo of a rabbit that we have rescued. If you would like us to mail them to you please send a $12 donation for two hearts and to cover postage. Great gifts for friends and family, just in time for Easter.

Spring Raffle at the Burrow

We have eight lovely raffle items at the Burrow. The winners will be drawn on Sunday, April 4th at 3pm.No need to be present to win. Please help us to continue the rescue of sick and injured rabbits.

Donations for Tickets are:

1 for $1.00
5 for $4.00
10 for $7.00
20 for $13.00

All donations will go into our Angel Fund.

To buy tickets online check our site soon.  We will email your ticket numbers to you.  Winners can pick up at the Burrow, or we can ship UPS (UPS charges will apply).  Good luck and thank you for helping the buns!

Join us at the Orange County Pet Expo
April 16, 17, & 18th the Coast Mesa Fairgrounds
We will have rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats and hamsters all looking for homes.  Throughout the day we will be doing grooming demonstrations in our booth.  On Sunday Dr. Sari Kanfer and Caroline Charland will be there to answer your health and care questions (times TBA).  We have free care information and volunteers to answer your questions.

Bunny Bunch Boutique will have almost our whole store set up there.  We will be featuring our new line of Healthy Treats, our specialty hays with herbs, and of course will have our super quality Timothy, Orchard and Blend hays.  We have lots of new items, and will of course have all of our famous willow and grass chews, toys, and hidies.  For those of you in OC, this is a great time to stock up!  Don't forget, every time you shop with us you are helping the Bunny Bunch to continue to rescue rabbits!

Dr Kanfer

On Tuesday, March 16th Dr. Sari Kanfer will be open for business!  Dr. Kanfer works very closely with the Bunny Bunch on most of our medical cases. She stays up to date with exotic medicine by attending the exotic conferences and treating exotic animals.

She has started her own exotic practice in Pasadena, California.  For more information go to http://www.facebook.com/l/482d4;DrKanfer.com  Please tell her the Bunny Bunch referred you.  Congratulations Dr. Kanfer!

Dr. Kanfer and Caroline Charland will be holding a series of classes and seminars at the Burrow in Montclair.

And last, but not least, the new Bunny Bunch website will be live in about a week!

Yay for Bunny Bunch!!  : )