Q: How do you know when you need to do some serious house cleaning?
A: When your bunny has his own dust bunnies!
I just had to laugh at Sirius Lee Cute yesterday morning, he was doing his normal morning inspection, he disappeared under Joshua’s bed (all polished floors remember) and he emerged out of the other side with two large fluffy dust bunnies attached to him, one on each side of his whiskers, he was hopping about none the wiser, but was looking at my strangely and I think, wondering why I was laughing at him! :0) They didn’t fall off on their own either, I had to pluck them off, LOL! Each one was as big as his head, he really looked so funny, didn't have the heart to leave them on and get the camera, I thought it kinder to get them off him, but today I wished I had got the camera :0) Boy I really needed to smile!

The Dust Bunny that lives under the bed ♥

~from Paige Willow on FB