A. cheery greeting to all RabbitMatch fans from the bun who smiles a lot.  That's me!!!   Toscanini!!!!  Always thinking of the litterbox as half full!!!  I have a quiz for you.
Q.  Where do people go after they've wiped out in Las Vegas??
A.  To Los Angeles!!!
Q. How do they transport the pet rabbits??
A. In the trunk of the car!!!
Q. What happens next??
A. The rabbits flee the friends' back yard where the only food is crabgrass and get rescued and placed at RabbitMatch!!!!

Yup, that's me and my pal Scorsese!!!  Soooooo…look at my photos.  We albino buns are supposed to be bottom of the line but aren't I just the essence of cuteness???   Just look at my chubby cheeks!!!!    I popped in 3-15-10.  I weigh 4 lbs and was born 10-1-09.  I still have my baby fluff and will grow a bit.  I'd love to do a gala performance of my binky choreography just for you!!!!  email the moms, please.  Entertainingly yours, Toscanini.