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great photography tips for rescues/shelters from…

I've been in on these conference calls and know peeps who have attended her longer classes.  Truly amazing.  Check it out!

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Greetings!!!!  Like many rabbits here at RabbitMatch, humans loved us and cared for us at some point but then suddenly we were cast out by these same humans.  No flyers posted in neighborhood, not ads on CraigsList, no panicky phone messages…………..incomprehensible!!!!   Anyway, the moms say I'm a little charmer and I tend to agree with them.   I'm a small agouti boy.  No dwarfish features, just small.   My birthdate is 1/1/10 and I weigh only 2 lbs 6 oz  so you see my point.

Mom must have been in her blue phase this morning because her photos fail to demonstrate the rich hues of my agouti coat.  Donate a photo studio to her somebody, won't you please????   I hope I'm not here long enough to have to help her choose drapes that are more in my color palette!!!  Sheesh, the responsibilities that fall to a small  rabbit!!!!!!!!  So anyway, I chose the name Tikki-chan.  Sort of makes you think of wonderful tropical colors, yes???    I would fit in nicely with the unpeeled willow rabbit tunnels and baskets……. Hhhhmmmm, there they are on the internet…….Could I have several, please????  Hope you hop over soon so we can meet….Bunnyhugs, Tikki-chan.

Munch on the left and Amethyst on the right.  Amethyst was adopted from Rabbit Match in LA and flew (on human's lap) back to Canada to be bunwife to Munchie boy.

We love you, Marie!

click here to read the comment. priceless. : )

****sound of trumpets****  a netherland dwarf-x has joined RabbitMatch.   As many great  works of art, literature  and music, I am untitled at the moment.  Stay tuned, please.  I checked in 4-15-10.  My birthdate is 8-1-09.  I am classic white with flashing ruby eyes.  I had the mom take dozens of photos to capture my dwarfness but mom was not up to the challenge.  So I had to settle for some action shots.  Hope you like them  Well, you had better, I'm a little girl with a BIG RABBITUDE!!!!

Checking in, 4-20-10. I call myself Pearblossom.   My coat is a delicate golden champagne hue.  I was a cast off pet, wandering the streets.  Then a nice family stopped their car and scooped me up in a  warm fuzzy jacket.     Smiling faces all around, pets and ooohs, aaahhhs,   I am a very pretty rabbit, you see.   Suddenly I had a real home and I believed it to be forever!!!!  Sadly, I was in for a letdown.  The family found me right after Easter while Spring Break was on……  Once school started again though, my newly bonded friend decided she didn't have time for both her schoolwork and a rabbit so I had to go.   (sniff)   At least this time I was dropped off at RabbitMatch.    It is quite nice here though I wish the other kids would stop calling me "Pearbottom"  !!!!!!!  I mean, give me a break!!!!  Rabbits kept in small cages tend to gain weight.  Here at RabbitMatch, I have bunny gym equipment in the form of Cottontail Cottages with stairs.  So there!!!

Oh, my vitals???  Well, I'm a zaftig 5 lbs 12 oz.  Birthdate 2-1-09.  My personality is as sweet and enchanting as pearblossoms.   Maybe we could work on flower arranging together??? Roses are especially yummy!!!!   Bunnykisses, your Pearblossom.

from Dalty's mom…she's in wuv…

Daltry has been such a welcome addition to our home. It was hard to tell in the first 24-48 hours what a cuddlebug he would turn out to be. but in the past couple days he has really started trusting me so much more. He runs over to me & puts his little head on my lap when I sit down on the ground, & allows me to pick him up onto my lap for a little bunny love. He loves to have his face pet…he starts closing his eyes in just seconds. & he goes from the head-on-the-floor submissive state to his comfortable resting pose much quicker. also, he likes to keep his pen nice & messy. I'll go tidy everything up, & he will move everything & turn things on their side. silly guy!

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