Skaya is one of our bunderful adoptables at  She's been waiting for a home for over a year. 

Here's just part of her story…

…Hello all!!!    It is Feb. '10 and YES, I'm still very much available!!!  I had the mom take some fresh glamour shots of "mois".  We were aiming to demonstrate my sleek, matte, lean and large physique.  I mean it is scandalous that a beauty such as myself  is still a wallflower!!!  I have everything going for me!!  Looks!!  Personality!!!  And I'd fit nicely into your  family.  The younger set wouldn't even THINK of trying to pick me up.  I weighed 8 lbs 10 oz today. I truly am a Giant, on the smaller side, of course.  Lovingly yours, Skaya 

11/1/09 update for Plisetskaya.  Hello All, I weighed in at 8 lbs 8 oz.  I'm a sleek, beautiful girl, no dewlap to speak of!!!  I have privileges!!!  Mom doesn't bother with the run for me.  No sir!!!  I do laps around the room  free style!!!  Of course when I run past the mom cleaning up the room for the day, I pause to give her ankles a few bunny kisses.  I'm that kind of rabbit.   Love Skaya

Hullo, it's me, Skaya with my 9/9/09 update.  Weight = 8 lbs even!!!  You should see me race back and forth in the 35 ft rabbit run when mom calls my name!!  I'm smart as well as pretty!!!  Lovingly yours, Skaya.

Hi!!  Skaya here w my August update.  I weighed in at 7 lbs. 14 oz.!!  heading toward giant status, I think!!!  My stepsister, Ursula, was adopted, but, yes!!  I'm still very much here.  I'm still a growing girl and an armful at that!!! Whether your lap is large or small, it will be perfect for me!!!  I've been wowing them at offsite adoptions but I'm waiting especially for you!!  Pirouettes across the room, your Skaya.

Plie, plie, pas de bourre……..****hoppity** thump****…oh, mom says it's break time, so I'll take this opportunity to pass on my May update.  First of all, let's change that birthdate to 10/1/08.  I just had my first MAJOR shed and it was a dooozie.  Almost kind of reptilian (shudder).  ANYWAY, I now have a sparkling glossy jet black coat with the most delicate sprinkling of a few white hairs.  Most fetching.  Imagine a few snowflakes on the windswept obsidian lava flows at Mt. Lassen……got that picture???  I'll just practice my dance routines until you get here, OK??  With a pirouette or two, just for you, Plisetskaya aka Skaya.

Oh, and I weighed in this month at 6 lbs 14 oz.  Just perfect.  : )

Hello Los Angeles!!  Well, what a surprise!!  First I find myself saved from abandonment by the RabbitMatch moms and then I'm thinking I must be looking in a mirror….There is Ursula and we look exactly alike!! My name is Plisetskaya, you can call me Skaya for short but I chose my formal name to remind you of my incredible beauty and grace. I'm another gorgeous black, silky girl.   I weighed in at 5 lbs 3 oz on 2/1/09.  My birthdate is 3/1/08.