couldn't resist taking a pic of our last hummingbird nest in our bougainvillea bush/tree outside our backdoor.  they've nested here every year we can remember and we've had some interesting adventures with them too. 

most of you know we're not only in EU for two months, but moved out of our LA home too.  As we were getting furniture picked up by Out of the Closet, the mom hummingbird flew in the kitchen door (next to her nest) and headed for the livingroom window.  Two movers and Art had to save this itty bitty feather duster…Art finally got his hand around her (once she was exhausted) and gently enclosed her in his palm and took her back out the kitchen door.  she's fine now and i'm sure the baby birds-to-be are happy to be warm again.

One year a mom bird tried raising two babies in one tiny tiny nest.  once they started getting bigger it was obvious it wasn't going to last.  i put a cardboard box underneath the nest with a sheet fluffed up inside.  sure enough, that day when i got home from work, one of the little kids was sleeping soundly fluffed in the sheet.

…now what to do, what to do?

i brought the little feller in and made sugar tea which he gulped with an eyedropper–and since i had collected the nests every year, i had plenty extras–i plopped him in one and let him spend the night on our kitchen table.  next morning i taped him in his new nest back up near his brother so they had side-by-side condos.  Unfortunately, one didn't make it, but he was laid to rest in the daffodil forest to help them grow. 

it was a nice ending to our 14-year stay at Village Green.