Oh heavens how good it is to be here at RabbitMatch.  I'm the husbun of Roslind. She relates our sad story.  Yes we are a couple but no, right now we can only share adjoining condos. We are not housed together because, well……you know, fresh from surgery and all………however, we'd be ready to rebond in a few weeks if you're loking for a loving pair of friendly spot-x buns.

Indeed our former home was filth and starvation.  I weighed 4 lbs today, 4/15/10.  I should weigh 5.  My feet and tail have almost no fur.  The fur on my tummy is all dredlocks.  I can't wait 'til my next shed!!!!!   I'm told my birthdate is 6/1/08. The mom's will investigate that further.  I am an amazingly outgoing boy.  There is dramatic handsomeness under this sad exterior.   Don't you just want to take me home, hold me close and pet my silky ears????HHHMMMMM??????  Sure hope your xpen is large enough for both myself and Roslind.   Yes I do nosebonks.  Your sweet bun, Orlando.    P.S. My friends call me "Orlie" .