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Leaps & Bounds has been contacted by a dog/cat rescuer in Oroville.  She has rescued 2 which has turned into 16.  They range in age from just about 1 year to 3 months old.  Oroville has 1 vet that does rabbit s/n.  He's charging almost $200 for a spay.  On the adoption end of things, people that are responding to her ads want to get the rabbits for food.  She recognizes that she's in over her head and is willing to do whatever it takes to help the rabbits.  Right now, they are communal living in an old aviary enclosure.  She is working on getting additional caging and housing materials so the rabbits can be sexed and separated.  I am working on getting someone closer to her to go over to help with sexing and separating.  If that falls through, I will be going up myself to do it.  They are all up-eared and multi-colored.  No pictures yet.  Can anyone help with taking even one or two?  I'll have more specifics about the rabbits themselves once I pay her a visit.

[Kim] went to Oroville today to assess the situation.  It's not good.  There are a number of longer haired rabbits; not full angora but still fluff balls.  They are all under a year old with 5 or 6 babies.  There are approx 18 that are communal living in an outside dilapidated aviary and one that is not part of the 'family' but still living in another part of the aviary.  Their caregiver is a 78 year old kind-hearted lady who has done cat and dog rescue for more than 20 years.  Last summer she took in 2 rabbits and we all know what happens after that.  She is reaching out for help with these little guys and wants to do what is best for them but Oroville (Butte County in general) is extremely limited in resources for rabbits.  I have enlisted the help of a couple of volunteers from Paradise Animal Control.  They are going to try and come up with some sort of building, barn stall, garage or ? that is inside where we can set up individual cages and the volunteers to help with them.  They are also going to approach many of their local vet contacts to see if any of them can or will provide donated or low cost services for this situation.  All of the rabbits appear to be generally healthy with the exception of skin issues.  There isn't a the usual crusty skin with fur mites just hair loss.  The sooner we can get the rabbits out of there and into rescue groups the better.  Are there any groups that can take any of them in in their current condition (Thursday or Friday this week)?   I hope but am not very confident that we can get them quality medical care in Oroville.   I'm attaching just a few photos and have more if anyone would like to see them.

With Marcy and Petra's help yesterday, we were able to pull all but 6 of the rabbits off of the property.  I will be going back today to try and get the rest and double check burrows.  In the meantime, the first rabbit Marcy picked up had a baby stuck in the birth canal.  Again, Oroville does not have ANY rabbit resources.  The closest vet is Dr Dohner on the other side of Chico approximately 45 minutes away.  Daisy was taken to Dr Dohner as soon as possible.  He kept her overnight to stabilize and make her more comfortable.  She is scheduled for surgery today.  With a 15% discount, the estimate came to $602.73 of which $205. has already been donated.  For today, Dr Dohner's office can take credit card donations by phone if anyone can and would like to help with Daisy's surgery.  Dr Dohner's office can be reached at 530-343-1234. 

Thank you to any and all that can help!  The same as many hands make light work, many contributors make a large bill small!

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Kim DeWoody
Leaps & Bounds Rabbit Rescue, Inc