Oh hi there!!!!  I'm Gardenia, aka "Puff the Magic Bunlet" checking in to RabbitMatch.  I'm a baby albino lionhead about 6 weeks old. That makes my birthday 4/1/10.  I weigh exactly ONE pound.  What I'm doing here, I don't know.  The moms suspect that I came from a breeder who decided I wasn't a champion.  Well, Boo-Hoo!!!!   I love my name, fragrant white flower…I'm a happy bouncy baby enjoying my toys and alfalfa hay.  The big rabbits are very nice to me and keep me company although of course I have my own little condo.  I have a stuffed rabbit toy twice my size to cuddle.

The moms estimate I'll be ready for that special surgery that makes me eligible to go home with YOU around the end of July.  I'll keep you posted about my doings, OK???  With a binky and a nosebonk, Your Little Flower, Gardenia.