***slurp***yuckos!!!***blech***gack****slurp!!!!  Oh, hi there!!! Were you looking at me???  Do I really look like my photos??? well, yes and no.  I'm a stunning New Zealand White bunnygirl, covered with grease and transmition fluid which I'm trying my best to clean off.   You see, I was a cast off  Easter bunny.   I know I was on my own on the street for a few weeks.  I spent a lot of time hiding under cars. That's how I survived.  My eyelids are sunburned and I'm thin and dirty but I'm alive and here at RabbitMatch. I chose my name, Claudina, because I'm just as beautiful as the puffy clouds at sunrise.   Right now I weigh only 3.25 lbs and my ribs poke out but the moms will fix that with the bountiful RabbitMatch chow platter.  I was born 1/1/10 and am almost 5 months old today, 5/21/10.  I have a really great personality.  We rabbits are very forgiving.  Right now I'm small enough that I'm perfectly comfy with being held.  Tenderly, Fluffily Yours, Claudina.