A shy, sweet hello to you all, as I move in to my condo at RabbitMatch.  I've chosen the name Pearlescence for obvious reasons.  Please admire my ruby eyes, white coat and sooty schnozzie accent!!!!  I'm a lovely Himalayan girl with a dash of Florida White.    I am a poster child for what happens to rabbits kept outdoors in hutches though.  You'd have to look at my brown and orange  hind end for that and, well, best to use your imagination.    All that will be snowy white with my next shed.    At least those humans didn't stop feeding me so I weighed in at a  healthy,  petite, adoptable, 4 lbs 10 oz today, 6/1/10.  

Don't you just love my dewlap???  It is beyond luxurious.  And yes, it is a bit more ample on the left than the right but this adds to my character!!!!  I was born 1-1-09 and just spayed so that in between time allowed for my dewlap to mushroom.   I am so glad to get away from that great outdoors scene which exists only in the minds of humans!!!!  Please invite my adorable self to your cage free indoor home!!!!  Sparklingly yours, Pearlescence.