San Diego House Rabbit Society wants to build a humane rabbit area
in the Chila Vista shelter.

They have a chance to win $15,000 in the Pepsi Challenge to help the
Planet. There will be 3 winners, so SDHRS has a one-in-nine chance of winning.

You can vote 3 times a day between now and June 17.

Go to and find the idea,
the SDHRS idea "New Bunny Cottage for the Chula Vista Animal Control
Facility, CA / San Diego House Rabbit Society"

 (If you don't see it,  go to the end of the list and click "load more.")
In order to vote, you have to register with Pepsi. (This is no big
deal. They don't really send you any solicitations.)

Please do it 3x every day for the next 2 weeks, through June 17.

Please help the rabbits!

Thank you.

Tidbit…once you have registered, you can  do all your votes consecutively.