Gasp!!! Oh, mom, mom!!!!  I'm checking your camera work and this won't do at all!!!  What are you, an Art School wannabe????   I'm a perfect Florida White girl but my images, oh dear!!!  where are my pert ears, my beautifully exressive eyes????   Where's your depth of focus?!?   I'm so very special — but I look like any other white rabbit!!  Shocking!!!!

Dear reader, my former humans actually took reasonably good care of me, except..the Rabbitmatch mom cried when she looked at my nails.  They so needed cutting, the ones that were left.  The others had been torn off long ago as I tried to move around on wire flooring.   Well, I look at the bright side!!!  Trimming my few nails will be a snap for you!!!!  Oh, I chose my name, Dulcinea, I'm obviously a literary rabbit.  Actually I pronounce it  "Dul-THI-nea"…mmmmhhmmmm.   I was born 6-1-09  and I weigh a svelte 4 lbs 10 oz.   I'm Ok with being held too.  It is such a pleasure to be with humans who want to interact with me!!!!    You be the next in line, OK???  Your ever so sweet, beautiful Dul-THI-nea.