Hello there, Roslind here with an 6-8-10 update.  Guess what I've been doing the past few weeks???   Well, growing more fur on my tail for one thing.  But the RabbitMatch mom has me doing yoga every day AND …….EARS DOWN!!!!  exercises.  She says this is LA and IMAGGGGE is everything!!!   People are looking for lops!!!!   Well, HARRRUMMPHH!!!!   I'll have you know I like having both of my ears pointing South!!!!  I am a unique lady!!!  I'm not only a hemilop, my ears are actually helicopter ears.  Yes, they are!!!  Most unique and fascinating. 

Oh, and my husbun, Orlando is about to shed his multiple dreadlocks.   Life is good!!!!  Do come by to see me won't you??? Enchantingly yours, Roslind