oh dear……what  a time to check into RabbitMatch.  I see Palomara and Twyla are on  the list of black dutch-x girls with a nightlight nose ahead of me.   My name is Chrysantha and I told the mom to be sure to get my good profile into the glamour shots and also display my left foot which is white.. …….Today is 6/16/10 and I'm checking in at 3.5 lbs.  My birthdate is 2/1/10 and I'm about 5 months old.

My humans became tired of taking care of me.  I was fun when I was a baby but now that I'm growing up, I was just too much trouble.  They emptied the solid bottom guinea pig cage and plopped me in there.  As an afterthought they tossed in a small plastic bowl of water which of course instantly tipped over and now I was sitting in a swamp.  They left me in a pet shop parking lot.  

The RabbitMatch mom scooped me up out of the cage and …..ooopppsss!!!  even though she's a country girl, she had to change clothes in a hurry because I brought the sewer with me :(   so embarrassing!!!!   I'm working on cleaning myself up.  That'll be in no time!!!  Please come and visit very soon.  Bunnywhiskertickles from Chrysantha.