hi all you wonderful friends and family out there,

art and i are now back in milan to drop off the rental car.  we've changed plans (again) and are taking the train to paris instead of to Prague.  will be there 5 days then to Brussels.  i signed us up for an archeology field trip focusing on the knights templar in/around/outside london on july 10.

time has flown.  we were in frejus, fr when it rained 10 inches in 24 hours about 20km north of us.  quite presciently, we had left the campground in avignon just when it started raining.  fortunately, we had reserved a b&b in frejus (near st tropez).  we spent the last two nights in an old farmhouse b&b outside asti, italy.  now in new hotel outside milan.

Avignon 2.JPGAvignon 17.JPGfrejus fr to asti it 28.JPG

made sure we had wifi tonight.  two days to paris so i might be offline again.

looks like we're leaving camping behind…too much to carry and it rains enough to make it problematic.  although sleeping in the tent when it was raining was one of my absolute treasures. 

love to everyone. 

art and alinda