Howdee, podners!!!!  Oooohhhh, I'm bouncing along, singing a song, I'm your happy, hopping lapin!!!!!  I box the gray clouds out of the sky and turn your dark skies blooooohhhhoooooo.  Name's Waylon Jennings, Mr. J. for short.   Just hitched a ride in to Rabbit Match.  Was dumped at the park.  I was getting really good at facing down the squirrels and pigeons as we scrounged for chow .  Hey!!!  got any fine leather goods for me to shred??  You should be using cruelty free materials anyway!!!  How about a guitar case for me to nest in???    Guitar might be a good nibble too????  Ever tried tumbleweed????   Bet it's crunchy good!!!! And NO, I won't fix Merle's tire either, just dig at it a little!!!! 

Oh, enough of the chuckwagon chatter you say, oh all right!!!!  I'm a dwarf hotot, beautiful blue gray eyes.  I weigh 3 lbs and was born 1/1/10.  That good enough for a poster for the marshall's office??????    I'm a really friendly and super active little dude!!!!     Let's jam together!!!  Being a sheep pig worked for Babe.  Do you think I could pass myself off as a cowbun???   Just askin'.  With a bunnykiss to you and your horse, Waylon.