Yes, indeed it is me, Wilhelmina, and I'm back at RabbitMatch. My watch reads 6/20/10.  What can I say??  Boredom set in quickly for my adopters.  All along I was a good rabbit but now I'm looking on the bright side.  I can challenge that Pearlescence for the "Miss Dewlap" title.  Sheesh!!!!  Mine is a quadruple "Z " in size!!!  I weighed in at 5 lbs 7 oz but most of that is my luxurious dewlap!!!!  My birthdate is 9/1/08.  I think I should work on developing a standup comedy routine.  I'm just loaded with personality.  My beauty is quite perfect, don't you agree????   The blue & white throw the RM mom chose sets off my eyes nicely, though I kind of feel like I'm in center of a bullseye!!!!!   I'll be here at South Bay ready to snuggle whenever you're ready!!!!   Noebonks, your Wilhelmina.