6/21/10. I'm new at RabbitMatch.   can someone fire that mom or at least take her camera away??   Sheesh!!!  I'm looking at the proofs of my headshots and I do not approve.  I am a gorgeous palomino golden bun with some harlequin genes.  A little shading of brown here and there perhaps.  But what's this???  I see blue shades as though I were a guppy extra in "Finding Nemo".  Disgraceful!!!! 

I weighed in at 5 lbs 7 oz.   I won't get much bigger.  My name is Akamu, which means earth tones in the Hawaiian language.  I'm about 6 months old so my birthdate is 1/1/10.  You couldn't find a cuter, friendlier feller anywhere.  Thumps of love from Akamu.