Hi there!!!  6/21/10.  I'm so pleased you stopped by virtually to admire my petite self.  I call myself Okalani which means "heavenly" in Hawaiian because I am just that!!!!   Actually, I'm  two, TWO!!  buns in one. Observe, I am a dutch girl from my left profile and a palomino girl from my right.   My coat is a gorgeous golden color and my half collar is snow white.  Smashing!!!

I'm about 6 months old so that makes my birthday 1/1/10.  I weigh 4 lbs 2 oz and hope I never add ounces.  My dark brown eyes are captivating.  I could tell you my sad story but all of us buns here at RabbitMatch have one.  Dispair!!!  Rejection!!!   Fear!!!!  Near Death Experiences!!!!  Then Love and Hope!!!   Now  I'm looking for an empty lap.  Longing to snuggle, your Okalani.