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Spokesbun takes his promotional work seriously.


"How many more do we need to do?  Ok, let's try to do it in one take this time."



"Oh hai there.  If you're like me you enjoy the refined taste of Nibbler's Choice Snacky Carrots with your afternoon te…..Oh what now?  What do you mean the cameraman wasn't ready?  Jerry?"



"Look, Jerry, I have an audition at 5.  It's for the part of the new girl's pet in Gossip Girls 2.  Michael Bay is directing.  You may have heard of him?  In other words it's a MUST make for me.  Think we can wrap up this promo?"


:)  Took a little liberty with Ishtar here.  He's an adoptable with RabbitMatch in Los Angeles.  So naturally he's a struggling actor in his part time :P  You can read more about little Ishtar on his Petfinder page here.



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Great educator tip…treating fleas

Posted by: "Michelle Kelly"   

Tue Sep 28, 2010 1:44 pm (PDT)

Sometimes people confuse Revolution, which is safe, with Frontline, which is not. They both have battlefield connotations. Here's how to keep people from killing their rabbits:

"F stands for "Fail" and "Fatal". You get an "F" if you give the rabbit Frontline, which is Fatal. You've Failed your rabbit if you give it Fatal Frontline." Say all that and nobody will ever mix up Frontline and Revolution again.

One of Sunday's participants (Vicki Anderholt) pointed out the Fail and Frontline connection.

sleepy baby bunny…

thanks, danielle…so sweeeeet….  : )

sleepy baby bunny…

thanks, danielle…so sweeeeet….  : )

… to be husbun to a white girl bun!  Too sweet!

Lisa, you did a great job!

It doesn't get Any Better.


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Dear Bunny Lover,

During the past four years, because of you, 235 abandoned Los Angeles rabbits have found loving humans to care for them.

Unfortunately, homelessness continues. The financial challenge of caring for and re-homing our rabbits is constant and we need your support to continue our work — especially during these difficult economic times.

When asked why we should care about what happens to homeless rabbits in Los Angeles, we talk about two of our current residents, Roslind and Orlando.

rosalind smallorlando small

When these buns first appeared at Rabbit Match’s door, they were extremely thin, urine stained and had no fur left on their legs or tail from urine scald. They were both weak and lethargic. As volunteers, we watched with anxiety wondering if the two would live.

Here’s their story…

I’m Roslind aka “The Roz”. We were confiscated from a hoarder. We were in such bad shape, the moms didn’t want to photograph us right away. You know, this IS a family friendly rescue and we didn’t want to make the children cry.

You see, I weighed less than 4 lbs — much less that the 5 lbs I should weigh! The fur had been burned off my feet, legs and tail (you all know about urine scald!)…filth and starvation were the order of the day in our former home.

I’m just glad to be alive in a healthy and safe place with moms who care about me. Your (now) beautiful loppy girl, Roslind.

From Orlando…

Indeed our former home was filth and starvation. I weighed 4 lbs when l arrived here instead of my macho 5 lbs too! My feet and tail had no fur. My tummy was all dreadlocks! I had to wait for my first shed so the moms could get a brush through it!!!!!

I’m an amazingly outgoing boy too. Don’t you just want to take me home, hold me close and pet my silky ears???? hhhmmmmmm?????? Sure hope your x-pen is large enough for both myself and Roslind. Yes, we both do nosebonks too! Your sweet bun, Orlando.

Because of the caring hearts and generous donations from people like you is able to keep and care for these two fuzzkids. We’ve provided comprehensive medical care for Roz and her husbun and hundreds of other homeless Los Angeles bunnies who are lucky enough to find their way to our door.

We need your help to continue saving these little lives.

paypal. donate.

Our greatest financial need is for veterinary expenses. We spend a monthly average of $1,115 when medical intervention is called for as these neglected and sick bunnies come in. They can’t wait…fleas, fur or ear mites, abscesses, broken bones, eye infections or maloccluded incisors need attention right away.

And of course, a basic financial need as always, is for daily fresh veggies of mixed romaine, parsley and cilantro averaging about $100 per week for roughly 35 bunnies. Ample oat hay is critical. We go through three 100-lb. bales per week at a cost of $15 each.

Your donation will help us achieve our $4,000 goal for this fundraiser — two months of veterinary care and food supplies.

Again, your financial support is essential at this time. will only continue to exist with your generous support.

Please make a donation for the bunnies now by clicking on the link below or sending a check to: Foundation
PO Box 642839
Los Angeles, CA 90064

paypal. donate. 2

Your generous gift is tax deductible. We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization through a partnership with SEE Foundation ( Federal tax number is 95-4116679.

Your commitment and monetary support is very important to the rabbits we help. Thank you again for your consideration.


Alinda Lord
Executive Director
For the rabbits at Rabbit Match

P.S. International Rabbit Day is September 26th! Commemorate your love of bunnies by a donation to Los Angeles’ abandoned rabbits!

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