…hufff…puff…..gasp….grunt!!!!   I'm so scared!!!!  Will you protect me from the predators????  I've been running and running…so hungry…my eyelids burned from the dust and sun……..

***pet-pet-pet***  wellllllllllll……OK!!!!!  My name is B-B-B-Benoni……..I'm about 5 months old, B.D. 4/1/10.  I was turned loose in the park after I outgrew by babyhood.  I've been on my own for a few weeks now and it has been terrifying.  I weigh only 3.5 lbs and I'm not a dwarf!!!  I tried to remember how my rabbit mom told us all about staying away from houseplants and by extension, ornamental plants in the park.  But I was sssooooooo hungry!  I ate lots of grass. Sure hope yellow grass isn't the same as yellow snow!!!!  Seems mom read us a story about that a lllooong time ago.

So here I am, 9/12/10, the first new bunkid at RabbitMatch SB for September. What's this???  Parsley and a fingernail thin slice of carrot being served?  Hhhhmmmm, I feel better already!!!!  The RM moms say I need a little snip-snip surgery and I'll be ready to move to your home and have my most blissful dreams come true!!!!  Never to have to run scared again!!!   Bushelbaskets of Bunnykisses to YOU from Benoni!!!!