Gershwin is our latest addition to Rabbit Match…got any room for such a cutie??

Hi!!  I'm Gershwin.  Just checked in to RabbitMatch 10/2/10.  My birthdate is 2/1/10.  I weigh 4 lbs 12oz.  I'm a minilop!!!!!  I'm absolutely adorable, friendly, cuddly and a very polite boy even though I still have my nu-nus!!!!!!!   I am your perfect bunboy……supposedly I was found on the street but no one is looking for me.  Incomprehensible.  Oh, and the moms already have me on the calendar for my vet appointment to take care of those pesky nu-nus!!!

Yes, I like to dance!!!!   I'll be Fred Astaire to your Ginger Rogers or to your Gene Kelly!!!!  Or both!!!!  Got cane and top hat????   Let's dance!!!!  Your thumety-thumpety-click and pose……….Bunnylove, Gershwin.