Tanti just sent this over!  a double header on Daily Bunny!!!!  Yay team!!!!

and Bunuella too!!


Bunuella's big decision


"Oh hai, maybe you can help me out with this.  I'm really torn about turning my new house plant here into lunch.  As you can see it has some serious feng shui.  I'm getting kind of hungry though.  What do you think?  Should I just go for it?  I want to but … it really pulls the room together."


Oh Bunuella, you have such impecable taste!  :P  Bunuella is an adoptable with Rabbit Match in LA.  Read more about her on her Petfinder page.  Good luck little bun!

Platonicus on the daily bunny!!


Platonicus Approves of your Interest


"Oh hai there, I'm Platonicus.  You may wonder, 'how did that rabbit get so cute?'  Well it takes a lot of work.  For example posing.  It's not enough to be cute you have to use it."



"See from the side I'm even more adorable!"



"And then there's 'The Look'.  It's not easy but if you're really dedicated I'll teach you to melt anyone's heart."


Oh Platonicus, I'm sure being adorable comes quite naturally to you :)  Platonicus and an adoptable rabbit currently with our friends Rabbit Match in LA.  Read more about him on his Petfinder page.  Good luck little bun!  With cuteness like that I'm sure you won't need too much luck though.  :)